Sweaters and Jewelry and Scarves and Hats Keep Filling in Wardrobes, Aid to Attract

And then there's the sweater.

When a girl is confused, when she doesn't know what to wear, she covers it up with a sweater. There are many, many kinds of sweaters, some of them comfortable pullovers, long and short sleeved, turtle-necked, cardigans, and dress sweaters.

They are of varying textures: angora, wool, jersey and burlap. And of varying shapes, loose or tight.

Where would a girl be without a sweater? Out in the cold.

A sweater, like a course with Professor Guerard, is essential to every Radcliffe girl. Some girls collect sweaters. Some girls collect men. Some girls do both, simultaneously.


There is really very little one can say about sweaters that isn't obvious. The original definition more closely fits what is known as a sweat shirt today. At one time, sweaters were considered mostly for men. That's out today. One instinctively thinks of a woman in a sweater.

If the man on the street was asked what the most important item in a woman's wardrobe was, he would reply, "A sweater." He would be wrong of course, but that's what he would say. It is hard to say definitely, but perhaps it's better, that way.