Jumbos Beat Crimson Five; Dennis' 29 Points '52 High

The varsity basketball team scored more points at the I.A.B. last night than it has in any other single game this season, but Tufts did even better to win the game, 79 to 76. After trailing most of the time, the Jumbos finally pulled ahead with four minutes left in the last quarter, and they couldn't be caught from then on.

Bill Dennis of the Crimson also set an individual scoring record for the team this season with 29 points. Three of them came in the last minute of action and put the varsity only one point down, 74 to 77. But Dick Lionette and Ed Condon missed shots after that, and after Tufts' John Heneghan scored on a layup for the clincher, the Jumbos kept possession of the ball till the game ended.

Bob Gremp and Condon both played most of the game for the losers and scored 13 and 11 points respectively. Lionette hit for ten points (two of them at left) after entering the game halfway through the third quarter when starter Ed Blodnick fouled out.

Several times the game began to resemble a circus with the two teams racing up and down court to score 10 points in two minutes at one point. The Crimson's shooting average of 36 percent was good enough to have won several of the games it has lost this year, but Tufts also played much better than its season's record would indicate, and finally broke its 10-game losing streak.

After the Crimson made the first basket in the game, the lead changed hands nine times in the first quarter. The varsity held a two-point edge at the quarter, and kept the margin through the second quarter to lead, 43 to 41, at the intermission. The two teams again swapped the lead eight times in the third period, but the one time Tufts broke on top in the final quarter, it stayed there for good.


Yardlings Win

In the preliminary game, the Yardlings beat the Tufts Jayvees, 63 to 47, with a variety of long shots and fine rebounding