Pacifists of SNVA Expect Recognition by University

Students for Non-Violent Action expect to gain official University recognition by Friday, a spokesman for the new group announced yesterday.

S.N.V.A. is the new formal name for the pacifist group which was formed is the University last fall, but has not been able to get the two faculty sponsors necessary for a University charter. Robert W. Tucker '53, speaking for the group's executive committee last night, said that Henry J. Cadbury, Hollis Professor of Divinity, had agreed to sponsor the group, Raphael Demos, professor of Philosophy, would also "probably agree."

Tucker disclosed that it was the pacifists that withdrew from the Peace Council last week, and not the other way around as the Council reported.

Split Over Soviet

A split became apparent, Tucker said, when the two factions couldn't agree on the issue of Soviet aggression. "We're interested in general policies, such as opposition to violence everywhere. They were interested in more singular objectives like demilitarization in mainly one country."


In its new constitution, the S.N.V.A. limits voting membership to those who have a personal "commitment to non-violence as a way of life." Tucker indicated that the members of the Peace Council faction were "not in harmony with this view."

"But we plan to cooperate with them as with other College groups," Tucker emphasized.