Local Group Attacks Boycott Of Madison Meeting by NSA

Academic Freedom, Peace, Equality Are Named Goals Of New Student Conference

A Harvard spokesman for the local group of the National Student Conference lashed out last night at the statements made by Herbert W. Eisenberg, former Vice-president of the National student Association, labeling the conference leftist.

The National Student Conference is in no way connected with any subversive groups and the conference "has been called to achieve goals of academic freedom equality, and peace." Louis F. Sharpe '54, spokesman for the group said last night. "Indeed mentioning the many other sponsors of the conference along with Halstead Holman, former Vice-president of the International Union of Students, gives a more accurate picture of the conference," he pointed out.

The failure of N.S.A. to meet the problems of students is reflected in its attitude to the Conference. Sharpe stated. "The very gathering of such a wide section of the country sponsoring the conference reflects this failure," he added.

The purpose of the group, according to Sharpe is to initiate cooperation between all student organizations and to aid students nationally in achieving a mutual understanding of the common problem of academic freedom.

The program of the conference is not intended to impinge on the autonomy or activities of the participating organizations The new group does not plan to take place of N.S.A. as the representative of the American students at the International Student Unity Meeting.


The plan for the conference was originated by a group of students in New York City. Various members from all student in New York were invited; no student organization as such received an invitation. Recent trends creating additional and serious problems in attaining academic freedom are responsible for the growth of the conference, Sharpe concluded.