College Blood Total May Be Record Mark

Five Days of Blood Letting Adds 1,583 Pints to Total; Year's Take Is 3,699 Pints

Phillips Brooks House spring term blood drive helped set an unofficial record of 3,699 pints for the largest collegiate blood contribution in the United States, publicity director Ralph Kennan '54 announced last night.

The current drive, ending a five-day bloodletting session in Memorial Hall, netted 1,583 pints of blood. Last fall's drive, run off the first week in December, collected a record-breaking 2,116 pints.

P.B.H.'s record is unofficial because national Red Cross authorities tabulate blood contributions by areas only and therefore are unable to say exactly which college in the country gave the most blood

P.B.H. Co-Chairmen Fred Davis and Jerry Miller, both '53, said that the University of Idaho, with 2,800 signed up to be bled in two drives, is believed to be Harvard's closest competitor.

Monday was the drive's best day, with 355 pints contributed. This was due largely to the NROTC unit, which contributed 158 pints during their usual lab period. The other two ROTC groups at Harvard were unable to contribute as a unit because of limited facilities available for bloodletting in Memorial Hal.


Red Cross bloodmobile units could not have handled special Air ROTC and ground forces ROTC days without cutting into non-ROTC donations, Davis added.