Feminine Fashions Flower With 'Scoop' Necklines, Beachcoats, Straw Corsets, Other Odd Offerings

52 summer silhouettes will allow female Collegians to display their femininity and, at the same time achieve comfort and practicality for warm weather activities.

Combining utility with softness and delicacy, fashions feature huge puffed sleeves, scoop necklines, and full skirts.

Bare necks and arms will provide "double exposure" this season. Not only sleeveless, but backless dresses will be seen at the many Ivy-league spring weekend parties. Tiny matching boleros accompany most of the sunback outfits to make them more adaptable and practical.

Corset-like belts emphasize the femininity of the outfits by giving the "waspwaisted" look, Complete with laces and all, these wide accessories are available in leather, straw, and reinforced cotton.

Old fashioned bows, tying in the back, have returned to fashion prominence. Cotton dresses sport wide, often contrastlagly colored sashes.


Petticont popularity continues to supplement the full skirted look. Department stores have evidenced this trend by inaugurating displays such as "petticoat lane" and "the crinoline bar."

Typical Underpinnings

Layer by layer, a typical young lady's petticoat underpinnings might include: a white stiff not crinoline, a blue and white polka dot taffeta, and, the most recent addition to petticoat fashions, a chintz with numerous ruffles.

Conventionality and custom triumph, however, where golfing clothes are concerned. The ever familiar shirtwaist, the tallored skirt, will appear regularly on the greens because the smartness and freedom of movement allowed in its styling have yet to be improved upon.

"Crease resistance" and easy "wash-ability" are the essential qualities the college girl will demand before investing in a garment for summer wear this year.

In response to this demand, manufacturers have increasingly utilized wrinkle-free fabrics such as nylon, orlon, and acetate for everything from shorts to evening clothes.

Materials whose functions in the past were considered limited to sportswear have earned legitimate use for dancing and cocktail apparel. Wardrobes that have included tweed dressy outfits will now add denims for party going.

Harvard men won't be at all surprised when their dates' formals are made of tulle or organdy net, but they'll have to get accustomed to seeing denim and quilted cotton evening dresses now. The widespread use of quilted fabrics initiated last fall, will continue throughout the summer season.

Colorwise, not red, white, and blue, but red, white, and black is the combination that will form the basis of many a well planned wardrobe. A small number of separates in these colors can provide a surprising variety of stylish combinations at a conservative cost. Brown and white, or brown and black also can be easily "mixed and matched."

Peppermint striped and polka dotted fabrics are more popular this season than they have been in recent years. These patterns are often used as panelling to highlight an otherwise solid colored ensemble.