Ike 'Overpowered' by Vote Totals

With all the Massachusetts ballots counted. General Dwight D. Eisenhower could pat himself on the back today. The General, who received the news at his Paris headquarters, announced yesterday, "It is an overpowering sort of thing." He added that "It has begun to look kind of serious."

In Washington, Taft said he was "some-what disappointed."

The Massachusetts victory was the most important to date. Not only had Taft campaigned hard in the state, but Ike also nabbed 27 of the state's delegates to the convention, placing him at only three delegates behind the senator of those already pledged.

In the popular vote, "Ike" received over 240,000 write-in-votes on the Republican ticket . . . 136,000 more than Taft. Moreover, Eisenhower captured second place on the Democratic write-ins, with Senator Kefauver in first place.

Taft captured only three delegates, the one he won from the state, and the two delegates-at-large already pledged to him. This brings the senator's total count to 286, although his managers claim 305.


Governor Paul A. Dever, who will head the convention party from the state, commented that the Democratic Primary was "no contest" because of the "extremely light vote."

President Truman, self-removed candidate, nevertheless received a token vote of 7,500 from Democratic admirers.