Local Registrations for Summer School Halved

Officials See Small Drop in Enrollment

Advance registration for the 1952 Summer School dropped by more than half of last years total, Alan K. Campbell, assistant director, disclosed last night.

Only 430 Harvard and Radcliffe students, as compared to 888 last year, appeared at the two day registration Memorial Hall Tuesday and yesterday.

Despite the drop, Campbell said that he does not expect anywhere near a percent enrollment cut in the final enrollment. He predicted that the final total will be only about 200 shy of last year's 2,763.

Draft Scare Slackens

An official in the Summer School office explained that the prime reason for the decline was thought to be a slackening in the draft scare, which last year caused hundreds of students to accelerate their education. Many students last year ask the Summer School to notify their draft that they had registered. Thus far there has been no repetition of this.


The official said that other reasons for the decline are 1) the fact that registration was a week earlier this year, and 2) that publicity emphasized slight more than did last year's that this registration was only the first chance.

Students may register at any time up to the end of the term in Weld 2 or the main registration in July. Students who registered Tuesday and yesterday do not have to arrive until July 7, when study cards are due.

Summer School officials are optimist about the registration situation main because applications from outside the University and Radcliffe appear to be as many as last year's. However, most of these applications will come in during May and June. Last year, 48 percent of the 2,763 total enrollment was from outside students.

The officials also expect that the Harvard-Radcliffe registration will increase more than usual next month. Last year jump was from the 888 at advanced registration to a final 1,433. They are led to believe this by reports that many students are seriously thinking about Summer School, but for some reason are holding back from registering.

Breakdown of Registrants

The breakdown of the 430 students who registered in the last two days as follows: Harvard undergraduates 208; Harvard graduates in the Arts and Sciences--92; Radcliffe undergraduate 55; Radcliffe graduates in the Arts and Sciences, Harvard graduates in the School of Education, seniors graduating this June--13; special students--4; students applying to graduate schools--4 university employees--2; graduates in other schools (medical, dentistry, etc.)--20.

All students from the University and Radcliffe are accepted upon application. The advance registration does not commit them since they can cancel their registration simply by notifying the Summer School office in Weld 2. They can register either for the six week program opening July 1 and running to August 15, or the longer program, from July to August 23.