Tennis Squad Plays Host to Strong Tigers

Legatta revellers who want to see some of the nation's finest college tennis would be wise to amble over to the Soldiers Field courts at 3 p.m. this afternoon, but those who want to witness the Crimson win would be better off going elsewhere.

Princeton, boasting a host of nationalism ranked players, will provide today's opposition, and the Tigers are heavily scored to extend their win streak, which is already in the thirties. "Name" stars Gil Bogley, Chuck DeVoe, and Parable Eisenberg, in that order, will occupy the first three singles spots for the visitors. Although less well known, remaining starters Fred Tritschler, Dick Bailey, and Brad Downe are also strong players.

Crimson Powerful Too

The Crimson varsity sports three straight E.I.T.A. victories against no losses so far this season, and has taken the measure of all its New England opposition since the spring vacation. The Crimson's post-vacation nine-game win streak proves them a powerful contender in this, their toughest match.

Coach Jack Barnaby's usual lineup of Captain Charlie Ufford, John Rauh, Art French, Gene Mann, Dave Watts, and Don Bossart will shoot for the upset. Ufford and Bill Goodman, French and Watts, and Rauh and Bossart will play doubles for the Crimson.


In another match this afternoon, Corey Ryan's Yardlings will travel to Andover to meet the perennially strong Blue net team at 2 p.m. Captain Al Haegler, Ed Corner, Geoff Ball, Mike Levinson, Bill Fister and Bob Crouch will make up the Crimson singles roster.