Third All-College Weekend Is 1st That Lives Up to Name

Full House Assistance Aids Weekend Spree

A new Harvard tradition may well have been born last night at the inauguration of the first true All-College Weekend. Past "All-College" celebrations have featured the large Saturday night dance, but have not had full cooperation from the Houses.

This year's Regatta Weekend is the third such function sponsored by the Crimson Key Society, and is similar to the large affairs at Yale, Pennsylvania. Cornell, and Brown. Though individual Houses did occasionally hold dances and parties on the Friday night of the Key Weekends, the Dunster House Masquerade was the only annual function.

Last night's entertainment was unique as all eight Houses and the Union had a party connected with Regatta. The evening was spotlighted by a Glee Club concert in the Lowell large court yard and an outdoor dance, the Kirkland Beer Bust, a Leverett Hay Ride. The Eliot Cabaret Dance and a Union Beach Party.

Houses Lend Money

In order to get enough money for the planning of the weekend the Crimson Key had to borrow money from the Houses, but ticket sales the first day were sufficient to pay off the loans. Members of the dance committee predict that tonight's Straw Hat Ball will be attended by over 1500 people.


Other events of the weekend include a concert at 2:30 in the Yard by Schnelder's Silver Cornet Band, the HTG production of "Candida," and numerous sporting events.