Varsity, J.V. Lightweight Crews Regain Goldthwait at Princeton

Sharing the honors with their heavier compatriots, the lightweight varsity crew recaptured the Goldthwait Cup, absent since '4S, as they won over Yale and Princeton in Saturday's Tigertown regatta. The victory marks the 12th time Harvard has held the cup, compared to Yale's nine and Princeton's six.

In the most improbable victory of the day, the Junior Varsity set a faster time than the varsity boat, 7:07 to 7:09, to win over Yale and Princeton. The victory came despite a beautiful crab, which nearly stopped the boat caught by Bill Holden with a mile and a quarter to go.

Yardlings Outclassed

The freshman boat lost to Princeton by 15 seconds with the Yale pups trailing the Yardlings by eight seconds. Unlike the senior boats, the freshmen did not outclass their rivals through manpower, and were unable to make up for it.

Because of the jayvees' better time, coach Bert Haines plans to hold time trials tomorrow. If Lowell LaPorte's eight can do it again, they'll get the first spot in Saturday's important E.A.R.P. race at Princeton.


Both the varsity and the jayvees kept at a lower stroke than the opposing boats. The first eight rowed the early part of the course at 30 or 31, increasing the tempo to 34. Yale, rowing 36, was unable to close the gap.