Alexander, Baum Top Record Field For Council Seats

Successful in its attempt to have legislative revisions passed by the undergraduates, the Student Council last night also announced the addition of two new members from the freshman class; Clifford L. Alexander, Jr. and George F. Baum, Jr.

Alexander and Baum outscored 36 rivals in a preferential election at the Union last night. Council president Richard E. Johnson '53 was pleased with the number of participants. "That's a record, as far as I know," he said and spoke of the voting number (850) as a "normal turnout."

Proposals Passed

All three of the Council's proposals got the nod from undergraduates, who voted in the Houses yesterday. The first revision, that a vice-president be added to the executive positions, received 1,135 votes of approval. This revision boosts the number of executives to four, including President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

The second proposal asked for the election of three sophomores and three juniors to the Council next year, instead of the usual two from those classes. The move is intended to provide a larger reserve of experienced men from which executives can be selected.


Lastly, the Council proposed that the by-laws be recognized as binding to Council action. The proposal, which was not writen into the new constitution last year, needed 893 votes and received 1,105.