Ferry Celebrates His Twentieth Year As Headmaster of Winthrop House

Ronald M. Ferry '12, master of Winthrop House, and the only-master who has been with his House since the system opened over two decades ago, this week celebrated the anniversary of his official appointment, and the opening of Winthrop.

In addition, at Leverett last night, the House members, staff, and Master Leigh M. Hoadley, professor of Zoology, joined in a House dinner honoring the 20th year of the House as a part of the Harkness-sponsored system. The Bunnies were later on the scene than almost all the other six Houses.

Ferry, an associate professor of biochemistry, received his appointment some time before the House opened in 1930. Since his position dates from that time, Ferry is actually the veteran of almost 22 years of running the Puritan establishment.

"I'm not just sure myself on when I started in, since I did get my appointment before my House," Ferry says, "and as a matter of fact, even President Conant and I can't agree on whether it has been 21 or 22 years."

House staff members decided upon 20 as a round number, and gave Ferry a 20th-anniversary testimonial dinner this week, which both President Conant and Provost Buck attended.


Besides his posts as professor and House-master, Ferry is also a tutor in Bio-Chemical Sciences, and a member of the Board of Freshman Advisers.