Communications Center Set for Operation Soon

Full Use Expected by December; System Joins WGBH, WHRB

The University's brand-new high-fidelity cable network, connecting campus buildings with WHRB and Boston FM station WGBH, will go into full operation by late December.

A master cable already links WHRB with a communications control center in the basement of Busch-Reisinger Museum of Germanic Culture, and thence direct to WGBH offices in Symphony Hall. Side-branches off this cable will soon tie-in almost all campus Lecture rooms, providing facilities for intra, and extra-University broadcasts and communications.

So far, the system is being used nightly by WGBH and WHRB for a news broadcast by Louis Lyons, Curator of the Nieman Fellows. Broadcasts of information to registering freshmen have been piped into Memorial Hall, the first building to be hooked up.

The network project, worked out last fall by David W. Bailey '21, Secretary to the Corporation, and WGBH and WHRB officials, will provide facilities for public broadcasts of endowed lectures, and will eliminate overcrowding at such functions.

Difficulty in obtaining necessary materials has kept the project from completion. Today, however, WHRB technician Eliot Sterling '53, who has installed all cable, said he thought work should be completed within three months.


The network will offer quick communications in case of emergency and lecturers will also be able to tap WGBH, WHRB, and Lamont Library record sources. No broadcasts of regular lectures will be given, however.