Dulles Hits Soviet Berlin Stand, Mentions Compromise Possibility; Rights Commission to See Files

WASHINGTON, Jan.'13--Secretary of State John Foster Dulles today blasted the Soviet Union's proposals for Germany as brutal, stupid and probably unworkable. Coupling this harsh criticism with an implied promise of flexibility, Dulles added that this country is willing to meet with the Soviet Union, Britain and France to discuss the German problem.

Dulles said:

1. His and President Eisenhower's conferences with Mikoyan on Friday and Saturday, respectively, will amount to an exchange of views and not two-nation negotiations--something which U.S. allies oppose.

2. The Soviet Union's proposal to isolate and demilitarize Germany is not only brutal, as West German Chancellor contended Monday, but "it's a stupid approach because we don't think it will work."

3. The Western Allies believe Germany should be reunited through free elections. But Dulles said--apparently for the first time in public--that a free election is not the only method possible. He declined to elaborate, except to add: "There are all kinds of methods."


Civil Rights Commission Reaches Voter Files

MONTGOMERY, Ala., Jan. 13--U.S. Civil Rights Commission agents today won the right to examine disputed voter registration records which a defiant Alabama judge had withheld.

Circuit Court Judge George Wallace, admittedly inviting a jail term for contempt, turned the voter files over to hurriedly called grand juries in Barbour and Bullock counties.

Although a federal judge had demanded he show the records to civil rights agents, Wallace gave the records to grand juries to investigate complaints of irregularities in registering voters. However, the Barbour jurors offered to permit the agents to inspect the records for evidence on alleged denial of Negro voting rights.