Dudley Plans Co-op House For Students

Would Halve Costs For 15 Residents

The University will, if there is a sufficient demand, turn over to Dudley House next Fall a large residence at 1705 Massachusetts Ave., to be run as a second cooperative for undergraduates, Delmar Leighton '19, Master of Dudley House, revealed yesterday.

The average cost of living there would be about half that in the Houses, both for room and board.

Leighton said that the building, near the present cooperative at 3 Sacramento St., could house about 15 students. "From preliminary indication," he noted, "we anticipate no difficulty in filling the new cooperative."

Last week, Leighton sent a letter to the members of Dudley, asking their reaction to the proposal. "The cooperative house offers an efficient, economical means--particularly to students who live at some distance from Cambridge--of enjoying the advantages of full residence at the College at considerably less expense than membership in the residential Houses involves," he pointed out.

Maintenance, Kitchen Duty


In the Dudley cooperative, each student would contribute two or three hours a week to the "cleaning, maintenance and improvement" of his House. He would also undertake an assignment of about twelve hours of "kitchen duty" each six weeks. "This seems a modest demand in view of the very low rent," Leighton commented.

Leighton emphasized in his letter that "we do not wish, however, to ask the University for a second cooperative unless a substantial number of students now commuting indicate an interest in occupying it." On the other hand, he said yesterday that students now in the Houses may be allowed to apply "if there is insufficient interest in Dudley."

Pointing out that the Dudley cooperative would be similar to the present cooperative, Leighton encouraged commuting students to visit the present house and consult some of its occupants, who, he said, are "very pleased with their experiment."