Kissinger to Get Jaycees' Award

The U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce has picked Henry A. Kissinger '50, associate director of the Center for International Affairs, as one of the ten outstanding young men of the year.

In addition to his work at the University, Kissinger has served on the Council for Foreign Relations and as a Staff director for the Rockefeller Foundation. While with the Council he wrote his best-known work, Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy.

Commenting on the selection, Robert L. Katz '27, Director of International Legal Studies, called Kissinger "an admirable choice" for the award.

Normally, recipients are required to be present at the award banquet, but the Jaycees have waived this rule for Kissinger, who is currently working on a government mission. Another nominee, pianist Van Cliburn, was not so fortunate. Since he is unable to attend, his award will go to singer Pat Boone.

The Council is a group of distinguished citizens which attempts to create an informed opinion on the foreign policy of the U.S. among civic leaders. It supports its own research and has its own staff.


Kissinger is a native of Germany and came to the U.S. in 1938 when the Nazis forced his family to flee. Now, at 35, he is at the upper age limit for the "outstanding young man" award.