'Cliffe Eating Plan Altered

Meal Assignments to Revert To Former System of Choice

The Radcliffe Administration will probably continue to allow students living in off-campus houses to choose the dormitories in which they eat meals, contrary to its decision earlier this week.

In an announcement to the Head Residents on Monday, Frances R. Brown, Dean of Residence, assigned members of off-campus houses to eat in specific dormitories. The ruling was to take effect next fall.

Yesterday, at a meeting between Dean Brown, the Head Residents, and the presidents of the dormitories and off-campus houses, reports revealed "a great deal of general dissatisfaction and resistance" to the plan, according to Emily W. Churchman '59, President of the Board of Hall Presidents.

A total of 111 girls had signed two petitions protesting the decision. One petition, circulated in Briggs Hall, called the ruling "arbitrary" and asked for continuation of the "right of choice."

"Such a rule would increase the insularity of off-campus groups, as they would usually remain together in whatever house they were placed," a petition posted in Whitman Hall claimed, pointing out that "off-campus residents have chosen their eating places on the basis of friends made in previous years, and mealtimes are the primary--perhaps the only--way in which contact with this group can be maintained."


Miss Churchman stated that the group at yesterday's meeting had tentatively decided to allow girls living off-campus to eat where they wish "as far as dining space permits."

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