Crimson Welcomes Candidates For Spring Competition Tonight

Free Beer to Be Served

If you are tired of anonymity, waning Peer Status and unspoken resentment, square your shoulders and come to 14 Plympton Street at 7:30 tonight. The firing of The Crime's celebrated Spring Competition, an unusually short one this year, gives you a chance to get off the launching pad for a successful breakthrough.

Those anxious to hear the magic of the tickertape machine and the merry ring of their heels on the pavement will be eager to add intensity to the News Board competition. And if you favour the daguerreotype to scoops and sports, the Photography Competition, with free training and professional equipment, will not keep you in the dark for long.

Anyone anxious to whip his unpracticed mercenary tendencies into really proven methods of exploitation need only try out for the Business Board. Here he will benefit from an apprenticeship unrivalled even by service with the rug merchants of the Constantinople bazaars.

But if it is Blind Power you are after, there is nothing like the Editorial Board. Distortion, flippantry and rhetoric are only a few of the daggers in your belt. Before your nib is even dry, Deans tremble, theatres close, and Presidential Assistants resign.

It goes without saying that the opportunities for advancement on the CRIMSON are unparalleled, if one should feel inclined to some crass display of pushiness. Many of the CRIMSON's leaders have gone on to positions of some distinction in public life, among them Franklin Delano Roosevelt. But this is, of course, an insignificant consideration: it is enough merely to participate.


In an effort to repudiate journalism's reputation as the hardest drinking profession, lagers will be drawn.