Flying Club Offers Charter Trips At Cost to Any Points in Area

Six Members Will Pilot

The Harvard Flying Club hopes to begin immediately the "air taxi service" advertised in the CRIMSON earlier this week, according to James M. Revie, president of the organization.

Flights, piloted by club members and carrying a maximum of three passengers each, will be made upon request to any point in this part of the country.

The club currently has six men with the requisite commercial licenses, and hopes to add six more in the very near future. It will rent its planes (Piper Tripacers) from the East Coast Aviation Service, and will operate out of Bedford Airport.

There are two main purposes behind the venture, Revie said. The first is to "give our commercial pilots more to do;" the second, to "improve the name of the Harvard Flying Club, to remove the idea that we're nothing but a playboy organization."

Revie stressed that passenger flights would be carried out only under maximum safety conditions. This does not exclude normal night flying, however, for both planes and pilots will be "equipped to handle instrument flying."


The venture will be non-profit--the pilots will even pay one fourth of the cost involved in renting and servicing a plane for the flight. Passengers will be expected to split the remaining three-fourths of the expenses.

This means that a run to New York, for example, could be managed for as little as $8 per passenger. Since there is a minimum rental charge on the planes, flights to points nearer home will be somewhat less money-saving. Nonetheless, club members have high hopes of exploiting the weekend rush to women's colleges such as Smith and Mt. Holyoke.