University to Reverse New Rental Policy

Drops Proposed Plan Of Corporation Funds

The House Rent Adjustment Fund, abolished nine days ago, has been re-established as official College policy, sources in the Administration stated yesterday. Last week, the Masters of the Houses decided to accept funds provided by the Corporation to equalize rents of roommates with different abilities to pay.

Elliott Perkins '23, Master of Lowell House, blamed the reversal on the "complications" of the proposed system. "It was a simple administrative decision conforming with reality," Perkins stated, "since the Masters already have the large problem of assigning rooms for next year."

The Rent Adjustment Fund will not be basically altered. Students occupying suites below the price level indicated on their room applications will "contribute" to the Fund; this money will go into a revolving fund.

Perkins emphasized that Rent Adjustment was not a method for financial aid. The basic purpose of Rent Adjustment, he stated, was to "bring together men with capacity for different rents and to keep different abilities to pay from separating roommates." Students will not be permitted to move into lower-priced suites next term, however, unless they obtain special permission from their Masters.

Although the College-provided fund has definitely been tabled for this year, it may be revived in the future.