New Co-operative House Will Open in September

Low Cost Rooms Needed

The University will convert a recently acquired building at 1705 Massachusetts Ave. into a co-operative residence for members of Dudley House, according to Master Delmar Leighton '19.

According to present plans, the structure, located near the present co-operative house at 3 Sacramento St., will undergo renovations expected to be finished in time for occupancy next September.

"The co-operative house arrangement will be set up to introduce flexibility into the offerings of the College to students from local communities who cannot afford to pay full residential costs," Leighton explained.

He said the College "is definitely losing out in its appeal to the lower income groups locally" because of the rising expense of a Harvard education, especially the high cost of paying for room and board in the Houses.

To allow local students to live on campus without going into a House, Dudley, which used to be completely non-residential, has been offering more residential opportunities for its members each year. By the Fall, 77 places will be available for Dudley House members to room on campus.


In addition to 16 openings in the new co-operative house and 29 in the present unit at 3 Sacramento St., 23 places in Wigglesworth Hall and nine in Apley Court will be reserved for Dudley students.