Freshman Hockey

The freshman hockey team is nearing the end of another remarkable season. With losses only to B.C. and Colby, it has now won 16 out of 18 contests, with an unofficial League record of 4-0. The powerful Yardlings have tallied better than eight goals per game, while holding the opposition to an average of two.

In the worst defeat yet suffered at Yardling hands, the Brown freshman fell by a score of 17 to 1 three weeks ago at Watson Rink. The freshmen also trounced Northeastern, 10 to 1, and B.U., 8 to 2. In a recent scrimmage against the varsity, the Yardlings put up a hard struggle before bowing, 3 to 2. Of course, the varsity did not go with its first line the entire game, but the closeness of the score is a clear indication of the freshmen's potential.

Four men with over 30 points spark the team. Center Dave Grannis leads the squad with 38 points. Chris Norris, first line wing, and Jim Dwinell, another center, both have 35, and wing Bruce Thomas has registered 33. There is a distinct possibility that the season may end with the unprecedented number of seven men scoring over 30 points, coach Nat Harris said yesterday.

With captain Bob Bland as first-string goalie and Phil Doherty in reserve, the Crimson has managed to come up with three shut-outs and five one-goal games. Bland will be a strong candidate for the varsity goalie spot which senior Harry Pratt will leave vacant next year.

The freshman defense forms the weakest part of the squad, although it suffers from comparison with the top-notch attack. With three high-scoring lines, the freshmen may fit in quite well next year, since the varsity has a promising defense combination in two sophomores, Bob Anderson and Greg Downes, and junior Mike Graney.


The loss to the Eagles early in the season came because "the boys were not as fired up as the B.C. team," according to Harris. Last Monday the freshmen suffered a 7-3 defeat at the hands of Colby's squad of promising young Canadian scholars with a propensity towards hockey.

After today's game with B.U. at Watson, the Yardlings will meet Yale in New Haven on March 7.

Yale also threatens to be a difficult, though not insurmountable, obstacle, having beaten Dartmouth 11 to 0. Eddie Jeremiah, Dartmouth varsity coach, observed, "This is the finest Yale team I've seen in a long time."