Rent Adjustment Plan Revised by Corporation

The Corporation has voted undisclosed sums of money to each House to permit the elimination of the room rent adjustment system, Dean Bundy said yesterday.

Under the present plan, some students contribute varying amounts to a House fund, so that roommates with less financial resources can be charged lower rents. The new system will replace these contributions with a University provided grant.

Dean Bundy called the present rent adjustment system "unhealthy," and indicated that the system was unworthy due to the "complexity of the collection system." Beginning this Fall, no student will be required to pay contributions into the adjustment system.

Masters of the House will apply the corporation's funds as credits on the rents of financially less able students, much the same as under the previous system. "The new plan may provide slightly less flexibility, but it maintains the main objectives as the former rent adjustment system," Charles H. Taylor, Master of Kirkland House, commented last night.

John J. Conway, Master of Leverett House, indicated, that the "increase in general costs" brought about the new system, while Gordon V. Fair, Master of Dunster House, deemed the new plan "within the normal rules and regulations of the College--something which the rent adjustment system was not."


Each House will receive a slightly different amount under the new plan. The Masters maintained that the sums would be "adequate" to continue rent subsidies for some students, and did not indicate that the adjustment program would be cut down.

Control of the program will remain in the Houses, since centralized control would prove "heavy-handed," Dean Bundy stated. The Masters will have discretion in deciding how their funds will be allocated.