Council Sets Charity Fund Improvement

Leaders of Activities To Supervise Drive

An advisory board composed of leaders of undergraduate activities will assist the Student Council in directing the Combined Charities Drive next year. The ultimate control of policy and planning for the Drive will remain, however, with the Council.

As approved last night by the Council, the newly authorized body will plan publicity and recommend possible procedure for the fund-raising campaign. It will be up to the Council to act on these recommendations or not, as it sees fit.

Present plans call for the advisory board to include the presidents of WHRB, the CRIMSON, the Council, and the Freshman Council, as well as the Drive Chairmen, the publicity director of Phillips Brooks House, and several members-at-large.

According to Council President Edward L. Croman '60, establishing such a board will "put down in black and white that this college-wide drive has college-wide support."

Exam Report Dropped


In other action last night, the Council agreed, on the basis of an informal poll of the College, that the demand for typing exams was not sufficient to warrant a long-range report on the issue.

Council members estimated that over 275 undergraduates had been polled during the week and the "demand for typewriting in exams is not commensurate with the problems the change would cause."

Next Monday the much-discussed issue of Harvard participation in the National Student Association will be the sole item on the agenda. The meeting is open to the public.

Last month the Council voted to hold a forum in the Fall Term to consider the question of whether or not to rejoin the Regional Planning at M.I.T. Harvard National Student Association.