Freshman Squash Team Finishes With 8-8 Record After Loss to Yale

With a 6-3 loss to the Yale freshmen last Saturday, the Yardling squash team brought its overall record to 8-8. It was a hot-and-cold year for the Freshmen, who suffered from two main defects--a chronic inability to assemble a full team and a tendency toward collapse in away matches.

In the Yale match, for instance, the Yardlings were missing their number three, seven, and eight men--Jim Parkman, John Philipp, and Sandy Cortesi. Furthermore, third alternate Hal Roberts was also unable to complete, forcing coach Corey Wynn to dip down to his thirteenth man in the most important contest of the season.

Still, the Freshmen put up a good show before bowing. Captain Romer Holleran downed Yale's number one performer, Gayer Domenic, in straight games, 15-5, 15-7, 15-6. In the sixth position, Phil Stevens, usually the Crimson's eight man, took a surprising 3-1 victory, and George Blake, three notches about his usual level in the seventh slot, also won 3 to 1. Most of the other Yardlings, playing anywhere from one to four jumps above their usual places, were simply outclassed.

Since labs, studies, and illness cut into the team's travelling squad, the Freshmen were something less than spectacular on the road. They soundly defeated Exeter at home, 5 to 0, but when they met the same man team in an away contest, they lost.

For all its shortcomings, the Yardling squad was nonetheless a good, hard-working group, Wynn said last night. The Freshmen will probably contribute two men to next year's varsity in Hollerman and number two man Doug Poole.


Hollern, especially, was outstanding. The former National Junior Championships runner-up won eight of his ten matches during the season. According to Wynn, Holleran is potential intercollegiate championship material.