150's Meet Strong Indian Crew, MIT in Biglin Cup Race Here

An undefeated lightweight crew plays host to Dartmouth and M.I.T. tomorrow. After the defeat the Indians inflicted on the Yale lightweights last weekend the prognosis must be for an afternoon of close races on the Charles.

Feature race for the lightweights will be the varsity contest for the Biglin Cup. Altogether, there will be ten races on the Charles tomorrow as both the lightweight and heavyweight squads send all their crews racing up the course.

Coach Laury Coolidge continues to experiment with his crews despite their fine records so far, in an effort to gain the greatest possible speed from his men. This week Henley veteran Mike Christian moved into the varsity at the three seat in place of Irving Destler and Roy Gosse went into the J.V. shell for C. Michael.

No one is claiming yet that the varsity as good this year as last year's undefeated Henley champions but the boat has been quite impressive in both races so far. Dartmouth appears to be one of the top crews this year on the basis of its victory over a good Yale boat, and if the Crimson comes through with a victory this weekend, chances for a repetition of last year's record must be rated high. The main part of the season is now here and the true strength of the Crimson will be revealed.

The lightweight crews persist in turning in extremely good clockings in time trials. Wednesday the varsity shell rowed the course in 6:46.5 under fairly rough conditions, beating the second boat by a length of open water.


Since all the crews are in good physical condition, Coolidge has stressed high stroke work again this week in order to smooth out bladework. The results, he feels, are visible in a marked improvement in the crews' rowing.

How well the lightweight crews can maintain a sprint is one unknown factor, for they fortunately have not needed one in their previous contests. They may well require a good sprint this time as Coolidge remarked that he is "not expecting an easy race."

The freshman crew has not raced since it lost to Cornell two weeks ago. Like all freshman crews it handles itself better in calm water than rough but Coolidge thinks it has improved a great deal and is capable of rowing well under any conditions.

In another race the Crimson, M.I.T. and Dartmouth third varsity will meet the Brown varsity lightweights. The Crimson eight previously beat them quite easily.

Races will be run on the Charles River Basin course, finishing below the M.I.T. boathouse over a mile and five-sixteenths distance.

Boating of the Crimson crews Varsity: Bow, J. Noble; 2, J. French; 3, M. Christian; 4, M. Hoffman; 5, M. Hodder; 6, L. McKeeman; 7, D. Richards; Stroke, A. Goodman; Coxswain, M. Bryan.

Junior varsity: Bow, J. Bross; 2, J. Lynch; 3, I. Brestler; 4, D. Harde; 5, G. Gund; 6, R. Chase; 7, R. Gosse; Stroke, F. Cabot; coxswain, J. Pelofsky.

Freshman: Bow, Salter; 2, Hentges; 3, Smart; 4, Rawle; 5, Pike; 6, Konrad; 7, Van Shaik; Stroke, Alberg; coxswain, Kearney.