Rugby to Challenge Tigers

Eager to gain its first victory in three weeks, the Crimson Rugby Club journeys to Princeton tomorrow to face a reputedly large and tough Tiger team. Princeton drubbed Yale 9 to 0, and is substantially the same squad that also downed the Crimson, 8 to 3, last fall.

Club president, Bill Morse, who played in the fall contest, feels that the team does, however, have a good chance for victory, since it has received much added strength in the five starters who played football this fall. The Tigers, though, cannot reap the benefit of such ex-gridders, for it is the policy of the Princeton football coach to forbid all of his proteges, except seniors, from participating on the rugby team.

Morse stated that the club, despite its two losses, may still be able to win the Eastern Rugby Union title. Dartmouth, undefeated to date, has two very tough games remaining with the New York Rugby Club and Amherst, both of whom are quite capable of defeating the Indians. If New York, also undefeated, should end up the league champion, it most likely would not journey to California for the East West playoffs, as it is not a college team.

The Crimson will nevertheless be hard put to come out on top tomorrow. Starters Shag Shaunessey, Ted Frembgen, and David Kiely will all be absent due to the general examination.

Also, Princeton can boast of scrum half Dan Morrow who weighs in at 200 younds, probably the biggest man in the league in his position, and in front of him will be a large, aggressive scrum.


Morse seems a little optimistic about the outcome, but then the Crimson may have seen the end of its bad luck, after losing two consecutive games to teams with which it certainly had held its own.