Eisenhower Backs Summit Talks If Justified by Steps at Geneva; Gov. Long Receives Medical Aid

GENEVA, May 31--President Eisenhower was reported to have told Big Four statesmen he looks to a possible series of summit talks where grave East-West disputes can be negotiated.

Diplomatic authorities said the President made it clear to American, British, French, and Soviet foreign ministers he feels that each new step in the negotiating process must be justified by some progress being achieved in the preceding stage.

Points that Eisenhower was said to have made:

He is personally ready to go anywhere--almost anytime--to attend the first of the series of top-level conferences.

He hopes the Geneva negotiators will justify the first summit meeting by agreeing on some first step in the direction of German unification.


Gov. Long Resting

GALVESTON, Tex., May 31--Gov. Earl Long of Louisiana was reported to-night to be resting in a psychiatric clinic and "presently not under any theraputic care."

A medical bulletin on the Democratic governor added: "The basic diagnostic survey will not be completed for several days."

Long entered John Sealy Hospital Saturday after a semi-secret flight from Baton Rogue, the Louisiana capital, in a National Guard plane.

He made the trip less than a week after he stunned legislators with apparently uncontrollable outbursts of shouting in a hearing and before a joint session of the Legislature.

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