'63 Acceptances Top 79 Per Cent, Hit Total of 1213

Over 79 per cent of the 1,592 students admitted to the Class of 1963 have accepted admission, the highest percentage since World War II. This "unexpectedly large return" surpassed by four per cent the 75 per cent acceptance rate estimated by the Admissions Office earlier this spring.

David D. Henry '41, Director of Admissions, felt that the high ratio of acceptances "makes admission chances increasingly remote for students on the waiting list." It is not completely definite, however, whether or not the College will accept any students from this list.

The total number of acceptances by the June 1 deadline reached 1,213, an increase of 58 students from the Class of 1962. The increased number of admissions was made possible by the opening of Quincy House, which will permit Freshmen to use most of Wigglesworth.

Dean Bundy had set a "top" figure of 1,220 for admission to the new class, only seven above the current figure. All these students, except for 48 voluntary commuters, will be housed in College dormitories; there will be no forced commuters in the class.

Applications for the incoming class established another new record for the College, reaching a total of 4,350. Last year, slightly over 4,200 students applied, and of this number 1,487 were accepted. The Admissions Office, apparently expecting an acceptance rate close to 1962's 73.8 per cent, was caught unaware by the high rate in the Class of '63.


The new class, continuing the tradition of ever-rising aptitude, includes 57 Merit Scholars and 16 General Motors National Scholars.

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