Nov. 9 Will Give Petition to HHH

The Harvard-Radcliffe November Committee will present a petition supporting American involvement in Vietnam to Vice-President Humphrey at Tufts University this Saturday.

The petition, signed by 1300 Harvard undergraduates, has been circulated in dining halls for the past five weeks.

Endorses Johnson

In addition to endorsing the basic ends of President Johnson's policy, the petition also condemns the positions taken by Students for a Democratic Society and the May 2nd Movement, although it does not name those organizations.

The text of the petition reads:


"We, the undersigned, support the President of the United States of America in his attempt to guarantee to the South Vietnamese people an independent, viable nation, to bring the Communists to a negotiated settlement, and politically to convince the people of the Republic of South Vietnam, through large scale reforms, that Communism is no solution to achieving the better life.

"We wish to dissociate ourselves from hat vocal minority that, distrusting American intentions, seeks to obstruct and misrepresent American policy."