Seventy Will Run Next Week For Class Marshal Positions

Seventy seniors--46 men and 24 women--are candidates for eight class marshal positions for which preliminary elections will be held in dining halls this Monday and Tuesday.

The four men and four women who will be voted by their classmates to fill the class marshal positions will work with the senior Class Committee to prepare Commencement week activities.

As in past years, women will vote only for women; men only for men. The number of candidates running for the positions this year is close to the number that ran last year. There are two more female candidates and exactly the same number of male candidates.

When asked yesterday why they sought the positions, most seniors stuttered, stammered, then blurted out something like, "Gee, that's a good question," or "Hold on while I ask my roommate."

After a few seconds of reflection, many conceded that they wanted a role in handling the commencement affairs due to their affection for Harvard and their classmates, and their desire for a good old time.


"It's basically because I like the people," Carla Hall '77 said. "I really like my class, and I'd like to plan the activity that will be the climax of their four years at Harvard."

Robert Peabody '77 said he thinks it would be a "fun thing" to do. "I do this sort of work for Groton [his alma mater] and it's a good way to keep in touch with things and alumni. This would function the same way--but on a much larger scale."