A Crimson Apology

--The Editors

Two articles in last week's Crimson misrepresented Laura Shapiro '68, a columnist for The Real Paper.

The Crimson wishes to extend an apology to Shapiro and offer an explanation to set the record straight.

In the first story The Crimson misrepresented Shapiro by quoting her as saying that there were no "male chauvinist pigs" on The Real Paper. In fact, Shapiro never used such a term.

The article also quoted statements out of context so as to make it appear that Shapiro was attacking male chauvinism in journalism rather than speaking about women in journalism.

The Crimson sincerely regrets this misrepresentation.


In a story in Saturday's paper a former editor of The Crimson submitted a piece on the sports page with a picture purporting to represent Renee Richards. Through inadvertance a picture of Shapiro was allowed to appear.

The Crimson regrets these errors and hopes that the offended parties and readers will understand that there was no malice meant to the individuals concerned.