Task Force Plans Sunday Demonstration

Affirmative Action March To End With Yard Rally

The Harvard-Radcliffe Task Force for Affirmative Action will stage a demonstration Sunday to "tell the University and the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) that we aren't sleeping," William G. Fletcher '76, a spokesman for the task force, said yesterday.

The demonstration will begin with a Quad to Yard march at 12:30 p.m., followed by speeches on the steps of Memorial Church at 1:30 p.m.

Speakers at the demonstration, called "An Outing in Unity and Struggle," will represent the Black Law Students Association, women's rights groups, the Committee to Defend Sherman Holcombe, and the committee protesting the Afro Department's refusal to grant tenure to Ephraim Isaac, associate professor of Afro-American Studies.

Organized last October by a coalition representing 13 women's and minority groups, the task force has also initiated information meetings and tables at the Houses and the Freshman Union during the last two weeks.

Fletcher added that while the tables have been largely successful, the meetings have suffered because students either "believe they know everything about affirmative action or else they have become too bogged down with work."


David Price '77, another member of the task force, said reaction to the tables has been mixed because certain "dedicated conservatives" believe the task force advocates "reverse discrimination" in decision-making.