Red Sox Tame Detroit Tigers, 2-0

Tiant Holds Detroit to Seven Hits

FBI, CIA, MBTA, CREEP, UNCLE--to these initials-which-have-become words a new set of initials has been added: OTRS.

There is some argument as to which is the hottest team in baseball right now. Some will tell you that it is the slugging Philadelphia Phillies, who have won 17 of their last 20 games. To this, diehard Dodger fans will sneeringly suggest that, yes, the Phillies have done rather well lately, but they've only won 24 of their last 33, while the Los Angelenos have won 23 of their last 28.

But the team with the most potential to be the hottest team in baseball this season is the long-suffering Boston Red Sox. Off to a horrendous 3-for-13 start, the Sox have battled back to a near-500, 16-18 record.

And they won again last night, 2-0.

Yaz hit a two-run homer, Luis Tiant pitched a seven-hit shut-out to raise his record to 6-2, and the team won its 11th game in 14.


So keep your Phillies and your Dodgers; and forget Porkopolis, Hog City of the Midwest, Cincinnati. Series time will be Sox time.

OTRS--Oh Those Red Sox.