Moynihan Is Still Not Ready To Announce N.Y. Candidacy

Contrary to published reports in The Boston Globe yesterday, Daniel P. Moynihan, professor of government, has not announced his candidacy for a Senate seat from New York.

It seems an overzealous Associated Press rewrite-man working late Wednesday night misinterpreted a report filed by a writer for the Buffalo Courier-Express after Moynihan addressed a reception in Buffalo Wednesday night.

"After the reception, Moynihan told a reporter for the Buffalo Courier-Express that he would run in the Sept. 14 primary even if someone else receives the party's designation," the AP dispatch reads.

AP Misread

The dispatch quotes Moynihan as later responding "Yes, don't most people?"


"The AP misread my story," Ray Herman, political reporter for the Courier-Express, explained yesterday.

"He (Moynihan) was actually responding to a general question about the primary, and earlier in my story I had called him 'an active but unannounced candidate,'" Herman said.

Herman added that a member of Moynihan's entourage privately aroused speculation during his Buffalo visit that Moynihan will announce his candidacy officially "as early as next week."

Denies Report

Elizabeth Moynihan said yesterday that she spoke to her husband early yesterday morning, and that he instructed her to deny the report that he had announced his candidacy.

"The pressure on him to declare has increased considerably--over the last couple of weeks he's been seriously thinking about it," she said. "But I'm not quite certain what he'll decide, or when he'll decide."