Why was Frank Robinson in town even though the Cleveland Indians were in Chicago yesterday?

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra is at home, and yet its conductor, Georg Solti, was reportedly spotted at Logan airport.

Lon Nol

Honoraries, that's what is driving these strangers to Cambridge, the chance that they may receive one of the ten or so pieces of parchment that Harvard awards at Commencement time each year.

Steve Hall?


Of course, it won't be a surprise when they announce the names of Senior Professor John H. Finley '25 and David H. Riesman, Ford II Professor of Social Sciences, this Thursday. Nor will anyone gaze with amazement when Corporation member Albert Nickerson steps up to that podium in the makeshift Tercentary Theatre.

Daly? Papadopoulos? Isabel Peron?

And the inevitable cliche--"speculation mounts"--can easily be applied to the prospects that of several Greek professors and ministers, who have contributed millions to Harvard may receive the call.

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