Monette Pavlovich Enters Guilty Plea

Former Business Student Admits Fraud

Monette M. Pavlovich, a former Business School student who registered under the name "Cary Monica Cord," pleaded guilty in New Orleans two weeks ago to having made false statements in an application for a federally insured $2500 student loan.

Pavlovich was indicted in a federal court for falsifying her name, birthdate, social security number and transcripts in February, but entered her guilty plea in Louisiana. She refused yesterday to comment on the case.

Spiro M. Pavlovich II. Monette's husband, was also indicted in February on a similar charge concerning an application for a federally-insured student loan while he was enrolled at the Law School as Jason Scott Cord.

William P. Homans Jr. '41, Spiro Pavlovich's lawyer, said yesterday his client does not plan to move his case to Louisiana. He could do so only if he wished to enter a guilty plea, Homans added.



Informed sources consider it likely Pavlovich will enter a plea of criminal insanity when his case reaches trial.

Pavlovich was admitted twice to the Law School with false transcripts, the second time as Jason Scott Cord.

Henry H. Hammond, the assistant U.S. attorney who is prosecuting both Pavlovich cases, said yesterday Spiro Pavlovich's case should come to trial before August 12.

Hammond said the judge who accepted Monica Pavlovich's plea has not yet handed down the sentence, which could be as much as a fine of $10,000 and up to five years' imprisonment.

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