While You Were Away

Summer 1985

3 Get Shot

Starting next fall, freshmen who have not been immunized against measles will be prohibited from enrolling in the College. A recently enacted state regulation specifically requires that students entering institutions of higher education in the state must show proof of immunity against measles and other vaccine preventable diseases such as tetanus and diptheria.

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5 A New Season

The 1985 national fall protest and rally schedule was prepared this summer by the American Committee on Africa--a coalition of anti-apartheid groups--and the season opener is set for October 11. A spokesman for the group said that they hope to kick off the fall term students at colleges nationwide protesting university investments in companies that do business in South Africa. Harvard activists, however, said that they have yet to plan anything for the big day.


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6 Unreal Estate

Cambridge City Councilor David E. Sullivan introduced a bill aimed at halting Harvard's policy of selling small rent-controlled houses to faculty members on a priority basis.

Rent control advocates, including Sullivan, argued that preferential sales will deplete the city's supply of low-income housing.


7 Swedengate

Last year, Swedish Prime minister Olaf Palme lectured at Harvard, but declined to accept his $5000 honorarium. Four months later his son received a scholarship at the Kennedy School for approximately $5000. This seemingly obscure data caused a major furor in Sweden this summer as members of the Swedish news media charged the Prime Minister had committed tax fraud by backhandedly trying to secure the scholarship for his son. Opponents of Palme charged that by refusing a highly taxable fee for the speech, he intended to defer the money for a tax-free study grant for his son. Both Palme and Kennedy School officials denied the allegations and said that there was no connection between the scholarship and the lecture stipend.

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