While You Were Away

Summer 1985

JULY 1985


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22 Stylish Sid

You know Sidney Verba: University Professor, University Librarian, and former assistant dean of the College. Well, now there is a new title for Sid Verba: one of the "Tweediest Professors" in the nation. According to M Magazine, Verba is among eight scholars who clothing most typifies the term "Tweedy."


Verba accepted the honor quite modestly, saying he felt he "really did not earn the title" because he "never really worked at being tweedy."

In addition, Lowell Professor of the Humanities William Alfred earned the the M Magazine honor of "Beyond Tweedy: The Suity Professor." He said the award the "most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. I'm the most unstylish man at Harvard. I think it's hilarious that they picked me."


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25 No Discrimination

Harvard adopted a University-wide bill that formally prohibits discrimination by any of its affiliates on numerous bases, including sexual orientation, political beliefs, and physical disability. The legislation, approved by the seven-man governing Corporation, prohibits all University affiliates from discriminating against other members of the Harvard community except on the basis of individual ability to contribute to institutional objectives.

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