Juggler Wows Museum Visitors

Joseph A Cousin '02 is juggling a busy schedule this summer--literally.

Cousin, president of the Harvard-Radcliffe Juggling Club, is currently working at the Boston Museum of Science, illustrating basic physics concepts to young visitors and their parents through humor and airborne objects.

"I'm trying to intertwine physics and juggling," said Cousin, a Winthrop House resident.


Cousin explains the ideas behind concepts such as gravity, kinetic energy and friction as he tosses and catches objects before crowds gathered at the third-floor Investigate! exhibit stage.

The hands-on exhibits in the area allow visitors more freedom than most exhibits, and Cousin often uses younger volunteers to assist in his demonstrations.

"It was very interesting and the most educational juggling show I've ever seen," said 7-year-old Daniel A. Handlin. " [And] I've seen lots of juggling shows."

Cousin's performance, Handlin added, finally laid to rest questions that have perplexed him for years.

"I was always confused about kinetic and potential energy," Handlin said. "This explained it."

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