Hopkins Honored as Man of the Year

Academy Award-winning actor Sir Anthony Hopkins played a light-hearted cannibal last night--slaying a dragon and poking fun at his role as the psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter--to earn his pudding pot at the Hasty Pudding's Man of the Year award ceremony.

Hopkins received a standing ovation as he walked slowly into the theatre, waving and shaking hands with audience members to the tunes of the Pudding orchestra.

On the Pudding stage, a tux-clad Hopkins was "roasted" by Benjamin S. Forkner '01 and Suzanne M. Pomey '02, producers of Pudding Theatricals.


The roast's theme was Hannibal--the recently released sequel to Silence of the Lambs, the Best Picture of 1991.

As Hopkins stood on stage, Forkner and Pomey feigned fear and Hopkins played along good-naturedly, fixing the two actors with a malevolent stare.

"Just look at him, he's scary," Pomey said. "I think he might eat my face."

Hopkins smiled menacingly and shook his finger at Forkner before he finally spoke.

"I know your addresses," he said in his distinctive soft British accent.

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