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The 15 Songs of the “Catching Fire” Soundtrack, Ranked by How Good They Are for Running

Tiana A Abdulmassih

15. “Angel on Fire” by Antony & The Johnsons

This mesmerizing and haunting song is terrible for running, unless it is a cold gray day and you want to become one with the atmosphere.

14. “Gale Song” by The Lumineers

Does a song from the lovelorn Gale’s perspective sound like prime running material to you? Surprise: it’s not.

13. “Lean” by The National


The National are certainly capable of rousing songs—see “Abel”—but “Lean” tends toward the sleepier side of their oeuvre and could charitably be called a good yoga song.

12. “Lights” by Phantogram

I keep forgetting that this is even on the soundtrack.

11. “Atlas” by Coldplay

Chris Martin’s soaring vocals are always a thing of wonder, but incessant replays have made “Atlas” a less-than-stellar running song for me. Objectively, “Atlas” is inspirational but nonrhythmic: middle-of-the-road running material.

10. “Mirror” by Ellie Goulding

The quietly experimental “Mirror” wakes up halfway through with “I was the girl who was on fire / only a bird could get much higher.”

9. “Capitol Letter” by Patti Smith

Thanks to a beautiful acoustic intro and Smith’s commanding voice, this song’s quieter tones can still work well for a run.

8. “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Lorde


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