EDEN Slowly Comes Out of His Shell in Boston

Not even Monday blues keep EDEN fans from packing the House of Blues in Boston on April 2. Born Jonathan Ng, the Irish singer kicked off his "vertigo" tour last month to promote his newest album. Ng debuted his first EP in 2013 as “The EDEN Project.” When the name stuck, Ng dubbed himself “EDEN.” He produced another two EPs, “End Credits” and “i think you think too much of me,” but “vertigo,” released in January, is his first album.

As he embarks on his first big tour, it is clear EDEN is still adjusting to being in the limelight The lighting in the first few songs allowed only the silhouette and shadow of his figure to cross the stage, and even as he emerged into more lighting, his face remained largely concealed in the dark. Additionally, his voice was initially enshrouded in the layers of bass and electronica sounds, his uncertainty further emphasized in the lyrics of his opening song, “wrong:" “Have I lost sight of everything I’ve worked for?/ Did I get this all wrong?” Despite the doubt characteristic of both his stance and words, his voice exuded a sense of confidence and reassurance: a soft blend of the two, with a touch of hoarseness, his voice felt unique and poignant.

His setlist combines “vertigo” tracks and singles from previous EPs. EDEN holds off on some of his more established and older songs until later in the concert, keeping the audience anxious by saving “Wake Up” for the encore. More disappointing, however, is his exclusion of old hits like “drugs” and “XO, ” making the concert feel incomplete without his established repertoire.

The flashing light rods sticking out of the front of the stage resemble a visual interpretation of a sound meter. The colors of the lights match the tonal color of the sound:in “fumes,” orange and red colors flare up the stage, an intensifying compliment the heavy guitar; In another soulful guitar-heavy song, blue lights create an electrified representation of water in “wave,” an unreleased single that’s an extended part of “crash,” a song on “vertigo.” EDEN stands under a single spotlight in “lost//found,” his voice shining clearly. His head hangs low, and all the attention in the room fixes on him. The end is the most poignant moment, as his plea, “I don’t wanna be left alone,” drifts off into a void before the audience erupts into cheers and applause.



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