Like All Good Things, Harvard Square's New Lululemon Will Soon Come To An End

Lululemon Cambridge
Like all good things, the new Lululemon store in Harvard Square will soon come to an end.

Local Lululemon lovers can rejoice — the popular athletic clothing chain opened a store in Harvard Square last week. 

But the shop won’t be there for long. The new Lululemon at 25 Brattle St. is “seasonal” and therefore slated close at the beginning of 2019, according to floor manager Julie MacKinnon.

“Seasonal stores pop up to build brand awareness and test out a market,” MacKinnon said. “With this store, the intention is a fall, back-to-school option for Cambridge residents and college students.”

So, local Lululemon lovers can rejoice briefly. To be precise, they can rejoice between the dates of August 3, 2018 and Jan. 6, 2019.


The new store marks the second time Lululemon has graced the streets of the Square. The upscale Canadian chain previously opened a shop at 1 Brattle Square, but it closed in 2010.

The short-lived Brattle shop joins scores of other temporary stores Lululemon operates across the country in locations including Santa Cruz, Calif. and Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.

Cantabrigians seem determined to take full advantage of the fleeting potpourri of black leggings, pastel hoodies, and colorful bralettes. MacKinnon said the store has already seen a steady stream of “excited customers” in its first week.

“Many residents have been really enthusiastic about the new store, and we’ve even had some repeat customers already,” MacKinnon said. 

Denise A. Jillson, the executive director of Harvard Square Business Association, noted she is sending Lululemon good vibes while it lasts. 

“We are pleased to welcome Lululemon back to Harvard Square,” Jillson wrote. “We are delighted to have activity in such a visible space on Deguglielmo Plaza, and we hope it goes well for them.”


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