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The Undergraduate Council meets in the Smith Campus Center.
The Undergraduate Council meets in the Smith Campus Center. By Caleb D. Schwartz
By Kevin R. Chen and Laura C. Espinoza, Contributing Writers

Forty-five students were elected to the Undergraduate Council in the highest-turnout election in recent years, the UC Election Commission announced Friday.

This year’s election saw 2,149 voters, a significant increase from the 1,885 ballots cast in 2018 and 1,454 votes in 2017.

In accordance with voting trends from past years, freshman voter turnout was significantly higher than upperclassman turnout, as 955 freshmen voted, while 1,194 students from the three upperclassmen classes voted in total.

Only four upperclassman houses had more than 100 voters: Currier, Leverett, Lowell, and Quincy Houses.

More than half of this year’s council will be new representatives. Of the 37 representatives on last year’s council eligible for re-election, only 17 declared candidacies and 13 were re-elected.

The newly elected representatives will join President Sruthi Palaniappan ’20 and Vice President Julia M. Huesa ’20 as well as four representatives who did not need to run for re-election because they hold special positions on the council: Ajay V. Singh ’21, Sanika S. Mahajan ’21, Cade S. Palmer ’20, and Phiroze K. Parasnis ’21.

The new council will hold its first meeting Sept. 29. The UC presidential election will take place in mid-November.

The elected representatives are as follows:

Adams House

Alexa C. Jordan ’22

A. Blake Barclay ’22

Allison S. Chang ’20

Cabot House

Tauheed Z. Islam ’21

Jerry “DJ” D. Lacy ’22

Currier House

Amanda N. Flores ’20

Fernando Urbina ’22

Jack M. Swanson ’22

Dudley Community

Katherine “Katie” E. Wang ’20

Danielle Green ’20

Dunster House

Noah Harris ’22

Janani Krishnan-Jha ’20

Case McKinley ’21

Eliot House

Drake E. Johnson ’22

Nasser B. Marrakchi ’22

Rukmini “Mini” Ganesh ’22

Kirkland House

Madison A. Trice ’21

Carter H. Nakamoto ’21

Leverett House

Ifeoma E. White-Thorpe ’21

Jenny Y. Gan ’22

Kyle J. Salvatore ’21

Lowell House

Christian B. Tabash ’21

M. Thorwald “Thor” Larson ’21

Rachel L. Reynolds ’22

Mather House

Conner P. Williams ’21

Winona H. Y. Guo ’22

Pforzheimer House

Kyle M. Bierdumpfel ’20

Blake D. Young ’22

Quincy House

Rushi A. Patel ’21

Ryan V. Sears ’22

Winthrop House

Shivani “Shivi” R. Aggarwal ’21

Fan F. Zhou ’21

Anagha B. Kumar ’22

Crimson Yard

Yousuf Bakshi ’23

Soyoun “Soy” Choi ’23

Janna E. Ramadan ’23

Elm Yard

Phillip Meng ’23

Brooke L. Livingston ’23

Nicholas J. Brennan ’23

Ivy Yard

Pallas Chou ’23

David Y. Zhang ’23

Chloe E. V. Koulefianou ’23

Oak Yard

Esther J. Xiang ’23

Ethan J. Johnstone ’23

Juan C. Venancio ’23

— Staff writer Kevin R. Chen can be reached at

— Staff writer Laura C. Espinoza can be reached at

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