Top 5: TikToks of 2020


Today, roughly six months since colleges were first shut down, it has become socially unacceptable to party, share White Claws, or let eight strangers hit your Juul. It is still okay, however, to spend six hours a day on TikTok… right? That being the case, it only feels natural to rank five of the most popular TikTok clips that won’t stop appearing and reappearing on everyone’s “For You Page.”

5. Who painted the Mona Lisa? Yeah, the Mona Lisa.

“Da Vinki?” takes last place. Short-lived and niche, this TikTok is a four out of ten on a good day. Can you reenact it while you struggle through your problem set? Sure, but why would you want to? It was only funny in the original video. This one only made the list because every time I hear it, I scroll past. At least it helps me get through my “For You Page” quicker.

4. I am fucking crazy, but I’m free.


Did you know the audio comes from Lana Del Rey? Anyways, this one gets a solid six out of ten. Drunk college kids who walk through alleys at night seem to enjoy recreating this audio, so let’s live vicariously through them.

3. Are you not ashamed of yourself?

“Are you not embarrassed? This is embarrassing.” Yes, with the accent. Easy to use when your friend redownloads Tinder — or when you get your midterm grade back. Yikes. At least you can still watch TikToks through the tears. Seven out of ten.

2. Hey… hey.

No, not the one with the shaky voice. This is the one that goes, “Mmmmm, hey! Hey.” Do you know what I’m talking about? Whatever. This TikTok is a solid eight out of ten. Perfect for when you are lingering in your suitemate’s doorway and want them to entertain you. Just repeat this audio until they kick you out.

1. Yes I did that! And you would do it too for a check.

“I was an employee, and I was gonna get employee of the month, and that’s on period!” takes the cake. Ten out of ten on a good day, bad day, and mediocre day. The things we would do for a check are concerning, according to TikTok, but let’s just blame it on capitalism. And also Karl Marx, somehow.