Top Five: The Best Quarantine Haircuts of All Time


For obvious reasons, the phrase “quarantine haircuts” has been trending on Google. With no exact timeline ahead, it seems like self-isolation might be the perfect time for a daring reinvention. So why waste precious time asking yourself if you should get bangs when you could consider any one of these more dramatic possibilities?

5. Colette’s Bob

A lot of people might mistake this for the bob Audrey Tautou sported in “Amélie,” but French Nobel-Prize novelist Colette did it first when she chopped off her long, brunette hair in order to embody the eponymous character of her debut novel, “Claudine à l'école.” To reach even greater levels of authenticity, consider perming and adding a fringe.

4. Naomi Campbell’s Curly Locks


Though she is known for her iconic glossy, long hair, supermodel Naomi Campbell has never looked more gorgeous than when she embraced her natural texture and coiffed her curls into a short, bouncy style at the 2019 Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Accurately replicating this look will require a little more than shears and a wide-toothed comb, as Campbell also sported beautiful caramel highlights, but one can only hope a razor and vivid imagination will do.

3. Zoe Kravitz’s Pixie

After wearing long braids for a number of years, Zoe Kravitz returned to one of her previous styles with a stylish, close-cropped pixie cut. A pixie cut might seem like a drastic change to try at home on yourself, but don’t let this frighten you. As long as you cut recklessly and somewhat evenly, you too can channel your inner gamine with this style.

2. Harry Styles’ Shag

Last year, I showed my hairdresser an image of British singer Harry Styles in 2015 as inspiration. After asking Fran to cut all my long hair off into this layered shag, I feared I had committed a “Fleabag”-esque mistake, since hair is everything. I cried for many hours, happy that I didn’t look like a pencil, but sad that I looked like a triangle. Since then, I’ve realized that this style is both effortless and easy to upkeep as long as you go heavy on the layering. To replicate at home, use bouts of extreme anxiety to chop off random sections: presto, layers.

1. Jane Fonda’s Mullet

Few political activists can set a trend like Jane Fonda. After speaking at an anti-Vietnam War event in 1970, Fonda was arrested at the Cleveland Airport on suspected drug smuggling charges. In her mugshot, her characteristically blonde lob has been traded in for a dark, uneven mullet that hairstylist Paul McGregor gave her when she desired something more punk. Though a haircut should never be mistaken for activism, you might want to give this one a try if you are looking for some edge.

— Staff writer Aline G. Damas can be reached at