Minatel It Like It Is

By Joseph W. Minatel

COLUMN: Ivy League Parity is Back

Parity is a classic buzzword when describing Ivy League football. Whether you have been a head coach in the league for 26 seasons or an Ancient Eight sports reporter for three years, you have heard the word parity used to describe the conference. “Anyone can beat anybody,” we constantly claim. Do I continue to say this so that I can justify any missed picks in my Around the Ivies columns? Perhaps. Am I writing this column so that I can further justify any missed picks from my co-writers and myself in the future? Also possible. Maybe we are scared that we are going to lose our touch.

Recently, this parity talk has been mostly lip service. Princeton rattled off an impressive 17 straight wins. Dartmouth had only lost one game in nearly two years, and its loss came at the hands of Princeton. The middle teams were extremely middling, and a loss meant you were well out of the running for teams hoping to lose less than four games. And Brown was, well, Brown.

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How A Harvard Basketball Father Created Tom Brady

With 5:03 remaining in the fourth quarter, the New England Patriots trailed the New York Jets 10-3 with the ball on their own 19-yard line.

It was the second week of the 2001 NFL season, delayed to Sunday, September 23 due to the tragic events less than two weeks prior, and the Patriots were hoping to avoid falling to 0-2 on the year.

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