Harvard Students Want Fetty Wap for Yardfest

By Shunella Grace Lumas

Earlier this week, the College Events Board posted a survey asking students to suggest artists for Yardfest, the spring end-of-semester concert. They’ve also set up a series of meetings with members of the selection committee, so students can voice who they want to join the ranks of Jessie J, Janelle Monae, Tyga, and even the Wu Tang Clan. (If you’re interested, those meetings take place on October 30th from 6-7 in Quincy Dhall, November 3rd from 12-2 in Annenberg, and November 4th from 6-7 in Currier Dhall.)

In response to the CEB’s call for artist suggestions, Al Corvah ’18 created a Facebook event called “Fetty Wap for Yardfest!” encouraging students to vote for the rapper, famous for hits like “Trap Queen,” “679,” and “Again.” As of this writing, over 500 students had RSVP-ed as ‘attending’ to the event, with an additional 800-some invited.

Why Fetty Wap? According to Corvah, Fetty “clearly has great crossover appeal, and can satisfy a large base of people even though he's relatively new…[he] has novelty, relevance, AND affordability on his side.”

Corvah highlights the success of the rapper’s album this year and claims that Fetty, unlike previous performers, can uniquely energize “a bunch of loud, drunk Harvard students who just finished a few midterms and want to turn up before having to get back to work for finals.” He’s not wrong– did you go to a single party last semester that didn’t play ‘Trap Queen’? And how many times have you gotten down to “My Way” or “Again” this year?

So if you’ve ever found yourself drunk and sad on a Saturday night, singing “679” like this girl, or if you just want to say “hey what’s up hello” to Fetty Wap this April, then fill out the CEB’s survey by November 5th at midnight. If Fetty’s not really your type, or you’re a major classic rock fan, fill out the survey and suggest your own artist.

And hey, if anyone wants to start a “Taylor Swift for Yardfest” event, you can count me in. Until then, Fetty’s got my vote.

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